Prudential Accord Agro Limited is working on the following sectors:

  • Cocoa Farming

Our company acquired plots of land in the southern part of Ghana. We farm cocoa in the following communities of Ghana, and Small London community, Akrosu, Osuasu, and Odaa. The company produces and sells cocoa to Ghana cocoa board, locally and International companies who use cocoa to its finished products.

Rice Farming

Cotton Farming

Poultry Production

Ruminants Production

Contract Farming

Soya Beans Farming

  • Shea-nut Production

The company produces Shea nut and Shea butter to meet local and international business market. The company also produces pure organic Shea nut and its finished product, which is the Shea butter. The company massively collects the Shea nut through groups of women and men in the northern region of Ghana. They are farmers within the extension of the company.

Chili Pepper Farming

Vegetables Farming

Herbs Plantation

Fruits Plantation

Groundnut Farming

Millet Farming

Maize Farming

Yam Farming

Cassava Farming

Building a Science School (Private)

This networking farming and education will work to enhance human society.